Thursday, January 24, 2008

State of the Blog Address

My fellow blogosphereans...

Thank you to those of you who have stopped by to read my blog over the last year. I'm grateful that a) you found my thoughts interesting enough to read, and b) some of you actually took the time to enter into a discussion or two with me. My main purpose in starting this blog was admittedly selfish, but that selfishness itself had a selfless goal. I wanted to stretch myself, to grow through the discipline and practice of communicating my thoughts in writing ,and through exchanges with other minds on the various views I've presented (hence the caption below the blog title, and the title itself). But the chief end was not to grow for myself; it was to grow to be of better service to my Lord. I think that has certainly happened this year.

Embedded in that goal of self-growth for service, however, were some personal goals for myself that I found to be more challenging to achieve than I had anticipated. I feel I have failed to fully live up to one in particular: namely, posting as frequently as I would have liked with contributions of substance. I would have liked to have posted more developed entries with greater regularly and frequency, but writing is hard work, particularly when the demands of a career, family and church often eliminate my time for blogging for long stretches. There's also a weird love-hate thing that develops between a blogger and his blog, which I didn't understand before, but totally get now. If you blog, you know what I mean. Suffice it to say that a strange sort of psychological intimidation has sometimes kept me away longer than I would have liked.

All that to say, it really has been a rewarding experience, and my thanks go out to those of you who have helped it be just that. It's time now, though, to look to the future. What will 2008 mean for this blog?

Well, my intent is to keep it going, but there's been one major change in my life that will probably impact my expectations for The Crucible. I'm going back to school! Next week I begin classes towards getting my MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Specifically, because of my location and family commitments, I'm doing the Modular Program (a distance program that combines online classwork with summer on-campus residencies) which will probably take me around three years to complete.

I'm very excited, and I know that this is a great next step for me as I seek to develop my gifts for service to the Kingdom, but the demands placed on me will most definitely impact my blogging habits. I hope to be able to incorporate some of what I am doing in my classes with my postings here, but I'm not quite sure how that's all going to play out yet. I've also entertained thoughts of bringing another author on to the blog to help out. I'm not sure yet, and I think I'll just have to wait and see how things go.

After a year here my desire to grow and for this blog to be a vehicle for that has not changed - if anything, the former has grown. Please bear with me as I figure out just how this new facet of my education and growth will affect the latter. And thanks again for reading.

God bless.


Nicholas Jenkins said...

Congratulations on getting your MA. Getting my MFA has been the best experience of my life :D

On a side note, you don't call or write ;) How are things in the Snell Sphere?


Nick J.

mattghg said...

Exciting stuff! Hope the study goes well.

I have also found it difficult to get into a proper rhythm with my posts, to find the right balance between posting often but superficially and posting in depth but hardly ever. Moreover, I also find blogging tiring - and I don't have a wife or children to care for! I'm impressed that you manage.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're keeping going, and I look forward to hearing the latest thoughts from the Crucible.

God bless.

Aaron Snell said...

Sorry, Nick! I just did - check you're email :)

And thanks for the congrats!

Aaron Snell said...

Thanks for the well-wishing, Matt, and for coming around so regularly to read my mind :).

And you're echoing my own feelings on blogging back to me. I feel the same way.