Friday, April 20, 2007


I just had my first (and completely infuriating) experience of the internet eating a large blogpost - over an hour's worth of work. It was supposed to go up today. I'll see if I can't reconstruct it in time to still accomplish that.

Grrr. Well, lesson learned, I guess - work off of a Word document or something, rather than the Blogger page.

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Paul said...

Oh, that hurts. I hate that so much I always use MS Word, so I can spell check and save. I also need to save because I try not to post on the same day as I write. That way I can sleep on it and do at least one more edit and proof. I get some good additional ideas that way that didn't come to me in the first sitting. Also, I use a tool called Windows Live Writer that will take a good cut and past from a Word document as well as helping out with formatting of pictures. It then lets you directly post to your blog.