Thursday, April 5, 2007

I've been blocked!

Apparently Communist China doesn't want any of its citizens reading my blog. I have been officially blocked by their uber-censoring firewall. Maybe because I've used the word 'Christian.' I wonder if I should have used 'Kristian' or some such camouflage. Well, at least I can sleep easy tonight knowing I'm not subverting the populace of the People's Republic of China. And, if nothing else, my little blog feels like a real blog now in some fashion.

If you'd like to see if your site is blocked, check out the Great Firewall of China.

HT: Maverick Philosopher


James Fletcher Baxter said...

Santa Maria (CA) TIMES 4/6/07

April 2007AD

1. The Shroud has produced three-dimensional images of
a body moving in space. Please seek your own trustworthy
sources of verification.

2. The scientific world of physics is undergoing a revolutionary
change: a paradigm shift of universe proportions and implications. vincit veritas

Sir Isaac Newton would not be surprised. Joel 3:14 kjv

Have a truly Happy Resurrection Day!

semper fidelis
Jim Baxter
Santa Maria, CA
+ + +

Aaron Snell said...


Please see my comments and instructions below under "Does Prayer = Peace?". Thanks.