Saturday, June 16, 2007

Koukl on Relativism - On Video - FOR FREE!

It turns out that Google Video has Greg Koukl's classic lecture on moral relativism (this one in particular given for the Vertitas Forum). Everyone I know should watch and think about this. Greg is one of the most clear-thinking guys I know, and this is his forte, or at least one of them. Here it is.

UPDATE 4/17/07: I'm not sure if this video is bootleg and infringing on STR's copyright, or if they would be kosher with it. I should probably check - if it is bootleg, I'll take it off. Does anyone know?


Paul said...

I just shot an email off to Melinda Penner to check.

Aaron Snell said...

I guess I coulda done that...thanks for doing my dirty work, Paul :)

Paul said...

No prob. She says they had permission.